Saturday 24th August 2013 - Married for 1278 days

Eric and Nats Wedding

image UPDATE 11th JUNE 2013

Hello again to all of you.

We are out in Spain as we write this so we thought we would update you with our progress.

Further to my previous updates to this home page, the hotel we are staying in, Hotel Garelos is now fully booked. So well done to all of you who managed to get a room there!

For the rest of you, what are you waiting for? There is still space in our alternative hotel in Betanzos, Hotel San Roque. It is a short 5 minute walk from the centre of town, a similar price for a double room, and rooms are basic and clean and a perfect base for exploring town. Some of you have said that you have had trouble getting through, and having gone down there to speak to them, their phone lines have been troublesome. An alternative number to their normal one can be used to contact them; 0034(981)775271 or you can email them at

A word or warning, they don't speak English - and with the festival in town the rooms will get booked up pretty soon so don't hang around! Nat can email you a Spanish reservation 'proforma' if you like.

If you are having troubles please email or call either of us!

And finally, if you are reading this thinking, "yeah, I will get round to it tomorrow" then don't be so Spanish and do it now! Flights and ferries are getting booked up very quickly, and are therefore getting more expensive! Also, the availability of hotels is getting limited and there is very little we can do for you if you leave it until the last minute. Please read this as saying you have not seen Nat go ├╝ber-Spanish as you will when she goes bat s**t crazy if you attempt to dump stuff on her a week before the wedding. You have been warned.

On a more cheerful note, we both travelled to Betanzos by a Ferry to Bilbao and then drove through to Galicia and we can't recommend it enough. The ferry was a perfect opportunity for one of us to get a facial, and one of us to win Bingo, and both of us to show our vast knowledge of musicals in the quiz. The drive across the north of Spain is simply breathtaking. The scenery is outstanding, the motorways were empty (and free), and even though there were extensive roadworks and diversions, it just meant we got to see more villages and towns and some more beautiful winding roads. The drive will take around 5 hours or so, including a quick coffee and tapas break. If you are still wondering what's your best options for getting to Spain, a ferry and driving is an option we are happy to recommend. Compared with flying and hiring a car, or driving all the way, it also works out to be good value if you are over for a week or so.

So that's the update. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries....


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